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We provide these professional services:

Physical Therapy Evaluation:  


Assesses the need for strength, flexibility, endurance, neuromuscular control of joint position, pain control, functional ability, and the extent of need for intervention as it relates to your diagnosis.


Therapeutic Exercise:


Interventions which use movement to adapt tissue to become more functional, with the appropriate intensity prescribed for the stage of healing and recovery.





Emphasizes the learning or re-learning needed by the nervous system to better control movement for functional skills.


Therapeutic Activities:


Moves you toward your goal of better function by assessing and rehearsing actual movement skills.


We Provide REHABILITATION in the Following Areas:


Orthopedics, Neurology, Sports Injury, Post Surgery, Pediatrics, Industrial, and Vestibular.


Other Areas of Service Provided by Physician Request:


Modalities, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Aquatic Therapy and Work Conditioning.


Healthy Movement Class:


A class provided at the Senior Center for geriatic stretching and strenghtening.


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